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Curtin University
Science & Mathematics Education Centre

Postgraduate Courses

The Centre’s postgraduate programs cater to the wide range of academic and professional research interests of teachers, curriculum developers and educational administrators.

Possible thesis topics are suggested in the SMEC’s Academic Staff section where their Research Interests are listed.

Overseas and Interstate Nodes

The Science and Mathematics Education Centre (SMEC) has established nodes of students interstate and around the world. Currently, groups of students meet together on a regular basis in Singapore, New Zealand, Miami, New York, Fullerton (California), Dallas, and Tasmania. Specific information on each of these nodes is available from SMEC. Please use the contact link to the left of this text to contact SMEC for more information.

Study Modes, Flexibility and Distance Education

The programs (Doctorates, Masters, Postgraduate Diplomas and Graduate Certificates) are all available for full-time, part-time and external study. Some units are available for concentrated study during school holidays (see below), and all units are available for study using distance education methods. Students can choose to study using the Internet and World Wide Web, CDROMs or print materials.

Professional Development Institutes in School Holidays

An integral part of the Key Centre’s teaching activities is the offering of units as week-long short courses (institutes) during school holidays or at other suitable times during the year. These are held either at Curtin in Perth or at interstate or overseas locations. For example, institutes are held annually in North America, Singapore, New Zealand and Tasmania. Each institute has a teacher-as-researcher focus, helps teachers improve their teaching and conduct practically useful research in their own classrooms, and provides them with useful ideas and materials which they can share with their colleagues in their own schools/institutions and regions. Institutes are led by Key Centre staff and overseas visitors.

Attendance at institutes can be counted as credit towards a course if students undertake assignments on completion of the institute. Participants not wishing to gain credit towards a postgraduate qualification may attend institutes but would not undertake assignments. All participants receive a specially designed Certificate of Attendance.