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Curtin University
Science & Mathematics Education Centre


SMEC bulding

SMEC operates within the School of Education in the Humanities Faculty. The Centre offers postgraduate studies in science, mathematics and technology education and has a national and international reputation for excellence in research and development.

With approximately 300 students, including approximately 200 studying at the doctoral level, the Centre has the largest group of postgraduate students specifically in science, mathematics and technology education in the world. Students come from all Australian states and territories and over a dozen overseas countries.

The Science and Mathematics Education Centre (SMEC) began approximately 35 years ago within the Division of Engineering, Science and Computing as Curtin’s only exclusively postgraduate teaching area. Its mission is to undertake excellent research and to offer world-leading postgraduate programs that provide continuing professional development for science and mathematics educators at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels (including educators in informal settings such as science museums). SMEC’s growth was accelerated by the award of the Australian Research Council (ARC) Key Centre for School Science and Mathematics (Especially for Women), which was funded during 1988-96 and whose title continues today. SMEC enjoyed the status of one of Curtin’s elite University Research Institutes for over a decade.